Anal Sex Is it Okay

We are exploring our sex lives more and more, and I know that a lot of people are into anal sex at the moment. Some of my gents that I meet at London escorts seem to think that it is very vogue and they like to try it. The truth is that a lot of anal sex stuff can be very risky, and you need to be careful when you have anal sex. I have a couple of girlfriends at London escorts who practise anal sex on a regular basis, and they say that you have to be really careful.

Don’t for one minute think that you should not use a condom when you have anal sexy. I know that some people think that you do not risk STD’s when you have anal sex, but that is not true at all. You risk picking up STD’s when you have anal sex as well, and most of the girls at London escorts do appreciate that. However, I have friends outside of London escorts who are less well informed about anal sex. If you are planning to get into any new sexual practise, it is a good idea to get well informed about it.

Do I like anal sex? Personally I am not that much into anal sex, and I have to admit that I have only had anal sex a couple of times. The first time I had anal sex, it was with one of my old boyfriends before I joined London escorts. At that time, I did not have enough experience of anal sex, and I must admit that it did not turn me on that much. Since speaking to my friends at London escorts, I have become a bit more experienced when it comes to anal sex. I have started to enjoy it a little bit more, but it is not my favorite style to have sex.

It is not only gay men who are into anal sex. Lots of straight couples and bisexual escorts are into anal sex. More and more people are trying things like DP’s. Before I joined London escorts, I did not know what a Dorothy Perkins meant. Now I know that it is the fancy term for a DP, or double penetration. I have never tried it, and none of my dates at London escorts seemed to be interested in talking about it so I leave the subject matter of the menu.

Some of the girls that I work with at London escorts are really into different sex styles. I do like to go exploring as they say, but I am not obsessed by trying something new every week. A couple of my friends keep going around to different Swinger parties, and they are always trying different things. Yes, they may find it exciting, but I have other things that I like to keep up with as well. To be honest, I have a fetish about domination. Recently it has become more of a part of my life, and I get a real kick out of it.

A Million Orgasms – My First Time With A Girl


It was during one of the normal girls’ nights out. Wine, candles, music, and gossip were the main features of the evening. Much of the gossip revolved around the miserable me; I had been dumped recently by my boyfriend and was having a hard time. As I sat there complaining, Emmy bent over and kissed me. I was shocked, and before I could utter a word, her hands were wandering all over my body. “Dear, “Emmy told me, “I have always wanted your body for a long time, let me have you tonight.”

I was straight, but for a moment I was lost and captivated by the kiss. She looked into my eyes and told me how beautiful I was before pouring another drink for me. She stood me up and asked me to dance with her. I obliged. By now, my heart was beating with anticipation for another sweet kiss. She held my face and gave me a deep kiss. “Are you okay?” Emmy asked. “Yes,” I replied faintly, by then feeling too horny to continue standing.

She threw me on the sofa and pulled my legs apart. Her hands had already found my nipples and were working wonders on them. Within no time, she had stripped me, and I was lying on the bed, naked. She kissed me gently on the neck. By now, I wanted her so much, but all I could do was to moan. She also undressed and lay on me. Now I could feel her warm skin against mine.

I felt her two fingers slid into my wet hole, while her tongue was on my pleasure spot. The pleasure was too much. I couldn’t hold my cum anymore. I came hard and loud. This did not stop her. She continued pumping my hole mercilessly. I felt like my strength had been stripped off me, I couldn’t speak. All I did was to moan. “Are you enjoying? Should I stop? How do you want it? Harder or soft babe?” she asked me, without giving me the opportunity to reply.

“I have a gift for us,” my friend, now fuck mate, said as she pulled a paper bag from the drawer. Inside the paper bag was a double sided dildo that was so huge. She forced me to spread my legs wide open as she inserted the monster inside me. The pleasure was too much by now, and all I did was to ask for more and to moan. She inserted the other end of the dildo inside her, and she moved and bucked. I also learned to do it, and in no time we were both moaning as if in a choir.

I came, and so did Emmy. We would continue bucking and coming until our holes were satisfied. After the sweet ride, I did what a good girl should do; I licked Emmys pleasure spot and sucked her clean. Then, we lay next to each other and cuddled gently…

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